Shroud of the Avatar plans improvements to tropical island towns and the economy

Smoke monster incoming.

Player-run towns inĀ Shroud of the Avatar have had the option of being on a tropical island since May. Of course, that option was mostly just a swapped set of trees on a bog-standard island, which meant that it left something to be desired. Thus, the tropical island plot for player-owned towns is getting a large-scale overhaul to feel more, well, tropical. It’s one of the big focal points of the most recent community newsletter, which also turns an eye toward large-scale economic refinements.

Extensive monitoring of the game has made it clear that the current gold distribution is intensely lopsided, which means that most players aren’t buying from vendors or using reagents in builds due to a simple lack of money. This is a problem. The team is thus making changes and introducing new sources of gold for players who are currently unable to afford sustained play. These include more rewards from quests, daily confessions to the Oracle for money, and more reagent availability in scenes. Check out the full newsletter for more details as well as to catch up on the latest community-wide news.


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