Wild Terra is open to testing for everyone until September 14th

They're chasing the point, I think.

You can download and play Wild Terra right now without having to pay a dime. The game has opened testing briefly for everyone, allowing you to play for free until September 14th, complete with a discount on founder’s packs for the duration of the open test. There’s also a reward promised at the end of the test, although the designers could probably get away with telling you that the real reward was the friends you made along the way. It’s not exactly wrong.

This coincides with the game’s most recent patch, which implemented stoneworking skills and expands the leatherworking discipline. The patch also made various client and UI improvements to make the game that much more playable. You can check all of it out for free for the next couple of days, although you may lack a basis of comparison for the original versions. You might want to bring your own localization team with you, though.

Source: Steam page
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