Aeria says Bless ‘project is bigger than expected’, postpones test schedule

Three-point landing! Sort of.

Aeria has put off plans to announce Bless Online’s western launch schedule following the close of Gamescom earlier this month, according to a statement made by company rep Carsomyr on the Bless Source fan forums this morning.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t come up with a fix[ed] launch date and milestones like close beta tests and open beta tests because the project is bigger than expected and the game needs a couple of tweaks to be able to penetrate the western MMO market and to have a stable and sustainable future in there,” Carsomyr explains. “The game has a great lore behind its world, solid gameplay and a big potential to become a sustainable and long lasting MMORPG in the western market. In order to make that happen though, we need to deliver a more polished and complete product. We are still talking about what the change needs are and what needs to be done before the game comes to the western market.”

Of note, Aeria says Neowiz is working on massive battle performance and the responsiveness of the combat system:

“The combat system as of now feels unresponsive and the action combat is not on par with current generation action MMORPGs. Neowiz will be working on both tab targeting and action combat systems to have better combat experience in both systems. In the end of the day, combat is a very important aspect of every MMO and needs to feel good to keep players entertained in combat.”

Source: Bless Source via Reddit

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