Check out a new chapter of travel in Guild Wars 2

The story of Guild Wars 2 is not always about elder dragons, wars, betrayal, and grinding Masteries. Sometimes, it’s just the story of an Asura and her pet bird. Fans of the game’s lore ought to check out the newest installment of Vikki’s travels with her pet moa Momo, showing the world of Tyria from the lowest level of a lone adventurer rather than sweeping world-changing conflicts.

We don’t want to give away the story – the joy is in the telling, after all – but it involves a Sylvari with apples and avian pigmentation. It’s also a look at the more mundane aspects of the world, useful for anyone with an interest in world-building. So follow along for the second leg of Vikki’s travels — and maybe get caught up on the first entry too.

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