Crowfall shows off the lore of the Bog Bear


It’s important to remember that Crowfall takes place in a fantasy world with fantastical creatures. Sure, there are sieges and politics to consider, but there are also critters roaming around like the Bog Bear, which appears to be what happens when a bear and a Final Fantasy coeurl love each other very much and have several generations of ominous-looking children. That’s nasty enough on its own, but it gets far more intimidating when it’s been warped by the Hunger into something that’s still bear-shaped but clearly is no longer a bear.

The lore behind the game is kind of creepy when you think about it.

Is it too early in the day to be scared by ethereal undead bears? That’s all right; you can check out the Crowfall art team playing some tabletop Dungeons & Dragons in a video just below. The team plans to livestream another session tonight, so if that seems like a good show to you, you may want to check that out.


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