Pokemon Go has dropped 79% of its players, but it’s still making money


The number of people playing Pok√©mon Go has declined by 79% since its peak, according to market analysis firm Slice Intelligence. That’s a pretty enormous drop, moving the title from being one of the biggest mobile titles around to being in rather standard territory for big mobile downloads. And yet it certainly hasn’t translated to the game floundering, as it also accounted for 28% of all mobile gaming revenue in August, according to the very same report.

Statistics themselves just show the facts rather than tell a story, and thus there are a number of possible explanations; the sheer number of paying players has pushed the game to success even with the drop, for example, or those who remain are far more willing than others to drop money on the game. Whatever the reality of the situation is will become clear, but it’s undeniable that the game has lost a significant portion of its population without losing a significant portion of revenue.

Source: Gamasutra
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