Skyforge shows off the Outlaw collector’s edition

A rebel without a point.

Is jumping around with two guns all you’ve ever wanted in Skyforge? You’re probably quite happy to get your hands on the Outlaw, but you might not be able to play the class immediately when the patch goes live. Unless, of course, you purchase the Outlaw collector’s edition from the game’s store, which offers you immediate access to the class as soon as the patch goes live.

Of course, you might not actually need that immediate access, but that’s fine; you’ll also be given a unique Outlaw costume, 10 days of premium account status, 7500 Argents and 100,000 credits to go along with the purchase. This pack will only be available for a limited time, but it’s on sale before the update launches for $35 instead of the normal $45. It’s up to you if automatic two-gun action and all of the other doodads are worth the expense sight unseen.