The Black Death is working on new professions, skill trees, and the illness system


Indie survival sandbox The Black Death has a dev blog out today apologizing for the delay in its latest test patch, which is expected to roll out “in the next few weeks.” What’s in it? The Knight and Outlaw professions.

“The knight can be unlocked via the Blacksmith profession. Defend the weak and downtrodden, use their profession ability to check another characters papers, see whether they are who they claim they are. Knights are also the only class to be able to take full advantage of plate amour and heavy weaponry! The outlaw can be unlocked via the beggar profession. The Outlaw is the polar opposite of the Knight. Steal from other players, craft counterfeit goods and clothes and even pose as another profession! Unlimited skulduggery!”

Studio Small Impact Games further says that all classes are getting brand-new skill trees, and the wellness system is on the way. Who’d have thought a game about the Black Death would have illnesses?

“Previously when a player has contracted the plague their infection level would increase eventually leading to the player dying. The new system will mean every different action that results in a negative effect on the player will be registered. For example if you eat a rotten apple you will gain nausea or if you enter an infected area you could gain a headache. Like the updated skill system, we’ve created this system to be modular for a development perspective. We are easily able to add new diseases, injuries and ailments to the game.”

Best stay away from apples.



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