Today’s Black Desert patch awakens the Sorceress, beer festival


It’s patch day in Black Desert! Kakao’s sandbox has just returned from its morning maintenance, fully patched up with the Sorceress awakening, first revealed to Korean players late last year:

“The Sorceress’ Awakening weapon is an imposing Scythe that allows her to engage multiple foes and create veritable whirlwinds of destruction. Just like the Warrior’s Greatsword, the Sorceress will gain access to the Scythe after reaching level 55.”

That’s not the Sorceress in the image above, just to be clear — that’s Kutum, the new world raid boss, and he is so not invited to the world beer festival, also kicking off in-game today.

Meanwhile, if you’re playing for the fashion show and don’t mind spoilers, head to Reddit, where folks have datamined some of the new class-specific costumes new in today’s update.

Source: Patch notes, press release

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