Eternal Crusade plans pre-launch patch with guild-vs.-guild, new world map, and the return of PvE


Behaviour Interactive is counting down the days until the launch of Eternal Crusade. Yes, the game is officially launching on September 23rd for the North American PC market, with a European boxed release and console launch to follow. In the meantime, a Steam post from Senior Producer Nathan Richardsson today explains, the studio is working not just on the launch patch but on the pre-launch patch, which is out today. Well, actually both of them are pre-launch patches:

“While you can say ‘here are the features for launch’, patch #24 is also pre-launch and adds more of everything, balance, performance improvements, bugfixes etc. This work continues post launch in two pipelines. One is working on the regular content updates and general improvements/fixes and the other pipeline, which is now a month in is preparing the monthly/quarterly updates. All free because we love you. (We actually don’t, we just want your money).”

Patch #23 is expected to maintain quick progression and add more wearables, supply drops, the token system, guilds, guild-vs.-guild content, the new world map, and numerous balance and bug fixes. It’ll also see the return of PvE.

Source: Steam
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