CCP Games: ‘We are going to run the company from London’


MCVUK reports this morning that CCP Games has opened a brand-new studio in London. In fact, as CEO Hilmar Pétursson puts it, “We are going to run the company from London.” While the studio’s official HQ will stay back in Iceland, the “senior management team” will move to the UK.

“The idea is to centralise the management of the company in London, with easy access to all the other offices in Newcastle, Shanghai, Atlanta and Iceland. We are also going to have a small development team here, and trying to reach London’s development talent pool.”

Pétursson says the “Brexit business” will determine additional “formal corporate structural changes.”

CCP is well known to MMORPG players for its long-running development of popular sci-fi sandbox EVE Online, which is set to go free-to-play later this fall, and its many spinoffs. Earlier this week, Pétursson told DICE attendees that CCP is the company is on track to “break even” in the VR field following heavy investment in that genre.

Source: MCVUK via Gamasutra

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