Final Fantasy XIV previews apartments and its side stories for 3.4

And nobody knows you're getting it right.
The housing system in Final Fantasy XIV is appreciably robust… if you can actually get a house. Otherwise, it’s somewhat lacking. Luckily, the upcoming apartment system should make it much easier for players to actually get places to call their own. Each apartment building houses 90 apartments, and each ward (and subdivision) has a separate building. That’ll also allow players to enjoy the new housing features included with the patch, such as the Orchestrion playlist function and the new aquariums.

If you’re more interested in story than in housing, though… well, the game has you covered there, too. Previews for the new side stories arriving in patch 3.4 are available, with more developments in the Scholisticate questline and Hildibrand doing… well, whatever it is Hildibrand does. It’s never entirely clear. There are also new screenshots for the update available just below, if you’re eager for more to feast your eyes upon.


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