Guild Wars 2’s Ember Bay is over-the-top metal

When Rising Flames launches on Tuesday, Guild Wars 2 players will be transported to the Ring of Fire island chain first introduced in Guild Wars: Prophecies. Goodbye, jungle; hello, volcanoes!

Describing the new Ember Bay area as “metal,” the developers have a new video out touching on some of its highlights, from its exploration-centric design and new lava-based mastery skills to the repeatable hearts (love ’em or hate ’em). It’s time to dig your karka-slaying potions back out, too, as the critters are out in force.

Fun fact: We’re not the only ones going back; ArenaNet Environmental Design Specialist Josh Foreman notes that he remembers working on the original zone 12 years ago. Check out the video below:

Source: Official site, press release

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