TERA gives clearance for dragon flight next week

Unlike some MMOs that keep trying to ground their population, TERA has given the clearance for unbridled flight. And not just your normal, average commute on a 747; nay, this is the variety of flight that comes on the back of a majestic dragon of legend.

Along with the civil unrest event, September 20th’s Gilded Age update will introduce flyable dragons to TERA. And the game isn’t cheaping out by having one dragon model with six color reskins; from the looks of it, there are radically different dragon types, from your classic Smaug look-alikes to glassy bone monsters.

Will you learn to train your dragon in time for September 20th? Your first step on that journey is to watch the flying dragon trailer after the break. Step two involves a music montage of some sort.

Source: YouTube
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