World of Warcraft opens testing for patch 7.1, Mythic Keystones coming next week

how DARE you

The team behind World of Warcraft: Legion is wasting no time. The expansion didn’t even launch a month ago, but patch 7.1 is already hitting the test realm, giving players a peek of the new content contained within. That means new quests, the newly revamped Karazhan (which requires some followers with high item levels to unlock), new reputations, and all sorts of other additions. Wowhead has a full listing of the patch notes from the launcher, although it goes without saying that this is merely the first testing build and may include significant changes over time.

While there’s no estimated date of arrival for the patch yet, there’s a definite date of arrival for Mythic Keystones. These enhancing items will arrive on September 20th along with the first bit of raid content for the expansion, allowing players to crank up the difficulty of a Mythic run in exchange for escalating rewards over time. If you’re already sick of the Mythic dungeons, it should be good news; if you’re still taking your time on walking to the level cap, it’s still nice to know it’s coming.


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