Ascent: The Space Game’s got a new trailer, ‘and it’s not hideous!’


“Throw away your old screenshots! We’ve got a new video!” Ascent: The Space Game’s James Hicks declared in note to press this week. “And it’s not hideous!”

Jokes aside, the expansive indie space sandbox Ascent does indeed have a fresh video out this week, hot on the heels of August’s massive terraforming patch. Dubbed “Ascent 2016,” the trailer shows off the in-game solar system map, seamless space-to-surface gameplay, exploration, colonization, starbase construction, resource refinement and trading, modifiable player ships, ship-to-ship combat, and questing.

One thing you won’t see? Ganking. The game’s PvP is entirely optional.

Of note, the game boasts 270 billion star systems to explore. And unlike certain other hyped games that make this claim, this one is actually multiplayer. It’s also playable right now, having launched on Steam in the spring. Check out the new trailer below and see how far those graphics have come!

Source: Press release, Steam

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