H1Z1 delays King of the Kill launch, opts to stay in early access for a while longer


Last we heard, H1Z1 was getting ready to officially launch its PvP title, King of the Kill, on September 20th. Well, plans have changed, and the producers have elected to let the game “bake” a while longer in early access while the title gets shored up.

While the launch is delayed, there will still be a “massive” September 20th update. The update, which is currently on the test server, will include an overhauled UI, the scrapyard system, Twitch integration, new currencies, a training zone, a new scoring system, leaderboards, a re-envisioned Fort Destiny, and regional servers.

Oh, and those who want to live on the dangerous side can participate in the new bounty system: “The system will start small and then expand over time. On the 20th, you can back your performance in a single match. By doing that, and doing well in the match, you can win Skulls, the new in-game currency mentioned above. You have the option to back your performance with any of the three in-game currencies (Skulls, Crowns or credits), with Skulls always being the currency that you are paid out in. Rewards may include emotes, character skins, and/or vehicle skins as rewards.”

Source: Producer’s letter, important update. Thanks Kinya!
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