Star Citizen: Around the Verse teases Citizen Con, Roberts endorses Dual Universe


On this week’s Around the Verse, Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner are back and teasing Citizen Con, which kicks off October 9th. The episode includes a report from the Austin studio (mainly focusing on sound effects and the live ops teams), a deep-dive on the databank-studded inforunner Drake Herald, and a behind-the-scenes all about the interactive music system.

Intriguingly, Roberts also posted a classy endorsement of Dual Universe, a future rival sci-fi sandbox that hit Kickstarter last week. “I encourage you to check out Dual Universe’s trailer [and] Kickstarter,” he writes. “There is certainly quite a few similarities between what Dual Universe and Star Citizen are both aiming to achieve, but that’s not a bad thing! Space games are not a zero sum game. Different games, even with similar feature sets can have wildly different sensibilities and play experiences. Choice and a little friendly competition is always a good thing. It’s a great time for space games, and I look forward to welcoming Dual Universe to the growing brotherhood.” See? Classy.


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