Warframe releases six new Syndicate melee weapons

Who doesn’t love having shiny new weapons when traipsing into battle? Tenno can enjoy that feeling now; Warframe has just release six new Syndicate melee weapons in its most recent patch. Each weapon comes with a a unique passive and stat changes, but no Syndicate burst. Want to recompose a killed enemy as your ally? Get the intelligent hammer Synoid Heliocor from the Cephalon Suda. How about the ability to heal allies every time you hit your opponent? Then grab the Sancti Magistar from the New Loka.

Each Syndicate offers a weapon, and players will need to have the highest standing in that Syndicate to be eligible to purchase it. Get the full details on the official site, and get a glimpse of each weapon in the video clip below.

Source: Syndicate weapons; thanks to ThatLanteshGuy for the tip!

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