World of Warcraft introduces you to Emerald Nightmare’s seven bosses


Don’t let the name fool you: World of Warcraft’s Emerald Nightmare is anything but lush and verdant. Even so, we expect that it will soon be overrun by armor-clad tourists when the raid opens its doors on September 20th.

Level 110 players who dare to venture into the Emerald Nightmare will have to tackle seven bosses in varying orders, depending on the route taken. And now introducing the lineup for 2016’s nightmare raid bosses: Nythendra, Elerethe Renferal, Il’gynoth, Dragons of Nightmare, Ursoc, Cenarius, and Xavius. These dark versions hail from all over Azeroth and beyond, and you’ll probably want to brush up on their bios before the raid swallows you whole.

The Emerald Nightmare will expand in the future. Mythic difficulty is coming on September 27th, with the raid finder gradually unlocking wings from then into October.


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