WoW loses three more developers: Craig Amai, Tyson Murphy, and James Waugh


Looks like Blizzard has lost more than just Chris Metzen this week; MMO Champion reports that World of Warcraft Lead Quest Designer Craig Amai has departed that team. Adding to that are departure tweets from Senior Director of Story & Creative Development James Waugh and WoW Lead Character Artist Tyson Murphy.

Lest you think they’re all going to a startup — like, say, Pardo’s — do note that Murphy says he’s headed to Riot Games, and Amai says he’s just leaving WoW, “not necessarily Blizzard.”

Meanwhile, BlizzardWatch notes that Metzen himself is getting a massive statue of himself and baby Winston (from Overwatch) in his honor.

So is it time to panic? Not really. As Amai put it,

Via MMO Champion. Thanks Ceder!

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