The Daily Grind: What MMO has the best dragons?

Ain't no school like the old school.

Dragons are almost criminally overused in fantasy. It’s sort of understandable, since a big old dragon is sort of the iconic fantasy monster, but you have to admit that they show up a lot, and they frequently don’t manage to be all that interesting. But there are also games that have used dragons to interesting ends. Final Fantasy XIV built an entire expansion on warring against dragons, and World of Warcraft has really played with what can be done with dragons over time starting from its five rather straightforward dragonflights, adding on a variety of new groups and permutations over time.

On the flip side, there are games wherein dragons are still a big deal but never seem to have much done with them; Dungeons & Dragons Online seems to regard dragons as just another monster, albeit an eponymous one. And then there are games where dragons are odd but still important, like the fearsome Krayt Dragons of Star Wars: The Old Republic. So what do you think, readers? What MMO has the best dragons?

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