Skyforge overhauls its invasion mechanics for its next major patch

Now you try.

It’s kind of insane how frequently the world of Skyforge is invaded, but since those invasions form a core part of the game’s content, it’s kind of understandable. The next major patch to the game is shaking up the structure of invasions, though; the designers have re-examined the impact of each invasion on the game world and how players interact with the invading force, resulting in invasions that last longer while also giving players more to do.

Invasions will no longer overlap, so an individual invader will be the only invading force for the full duration of eight weeks. The method of repelling a given invasion will also be overhauled somewhat. Distortions can be accessed by all players who unlock their divine forms, even those without a guild, although the content will still require a high level of coordination and gear to defeat. It’s going to be a big set of changes for players accustomed to the current state of invasions, but it should make the invasions that happen that much more fun for players.


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