Enter to win a set of Star Trek Online PS4 faction packs from PWE and MOP

In honor of the launch of Star Trek Online on console this month, PWE has granted Massively OP 75 PlayStation 4 faction pack codes — 25 apiece of the Starfleet, Legacy, and Empire Packs — to give away to our readers! Here’s what’s in each pack:

Starfleet Pack (Federation) Content: Delta Flyer and Pet, NX-class Explorer, Rhode Island-class Science Vessel, Excelsior-class Cruiser, Sao Paulo-class Escort, Valiant-class Escort, Jupiter Uniform, 7 of 9 Uniform, Liberated Borg Human Bridge Officer, Sehlet Cub Pet, Unique Character Titles

Legacy Pack (Romulan) Content: Scorpion Fighter and Pet, T’varo-class Light Warbird, Dhael-class Warbird, Valdore-class Warbird, D’ridthau-class Warbird, Malem-class Light Warbird, TOS Uniforms, Nemesis Uniforms, Liberated Borg Reman Bridge Officer, Sehlet Cub Pet, Unique Character Titles

Empire Pack (KDF) Content: To’Duj Fighter and Pet, B’rolth-class Bird of Prey, Qaw’Dun-class Bird of Prey, Koro’t’inga-class Battlecruiser, Puyjaq-class Raptor, Negh’Tev-class Battlecruiser, Academy Uniforms, Mercenary Costumes, Liberated Borg Klingon Bridge Officer, Sehlet Cub Pet, Unique Character Titles

The codes expire within a year and are redeemable only in North America and only for PlayStation 4. Do note that you’ll need to have rolled a character in the pack’s faction to redeem and make use of the goodies in that pack. Read on to enter to win!


For this giveaway, we’ll be using Rafflecopter to count the entries for us. You can earn entries in the giveaway by completing different steps in Rafflecopter; the question field is mandatory, but following us on Twitter, tweeting about this giveaway, and checking out our Facebook page are optional and result in more entries. Rafflecopter uses javascript, so you’ll need to enable it to see the entry widget below:

Twenty-five winners selected at random from the total of entries submitted to Rafflecopter will be contacted via email by Massively Overpowered to receive three Star Trek Online faction packs for PS4 (one per faction). Entrants are subject to our official contest and giveaway rules. Entries will be accepted until the giveaway’s end on Friday, September 23rd, at 12:00 a.m. EDT (midnight Thursday night). We’ll draw the winners and send out keys and redemption instructions by Friday evening (EDT), so make sure you’ve submitted a working email address in Rafflecopter.

Good luck everyone!


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