Amazon Game Studios’ Breakaway might be a Norse-themed game


The clock is ticking down to September 29th, a date that will witness the reveal of at least one major project that Amazon Game Studios has been developing. This week the studio’s laid some of the groundwork for the reveal by setting up a Facebook, Twitch, and Twitter account, all under the name Breakaway.

Breakaway might be the title of the game or merely its code name, but it’s still a little more to go on than we had before. On Facebook beside a silhouette of what appears to be a horned warrior carrying a warhammer, AGS left the tease, “Tell Valhalla that I shall arrive soon.” Could this be a broad hint that the game is embracing Norse mythology?

According to the description of the unboxing event, the devs said they will provide “an introduction to Amazon Game Studios, what we’re about and what we’re making, a glimpse of some of the games we’re working on, and a deep dive into the first game we’re putting in gamers’ hands.”

Amazon Game Studios has been snapping up talent for more than a year now, including several ex-ArenaNet employees. Massively OP has a running office pool whether or not the game reveal will be an MMO.

Source: Facebook, Twitch, Twitter. Thanks Mark and Vellikos!
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