ECO’s ecosystem will release October 5th


Total War: ArenaAn ecosystem is coming to ECO! Though if you considerĀ the survival sandbox’s name, that probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. The devs told Kickstarter backers this week that Alpha 5 will release on October 5th. This final build before beta introduces climate and player avatars and improves upon farming and the flora and fauna. An activity-affecting clothing system is also being added along with the actual avatars.

How will the ecosystem affect the game? Well, air pollution from humans can raise global temperatures, which could melt the ice caps can melt and raise the sea level. Such climate changes could potentially threaten not just farms but entire biomes.

As forĀ farming, growing crops and raising animals will now rely on soil moisture and temp. Players will need to keep careful tabs on their farms to keep them viable and productive. To help with this, irrigation is being introduced as well, so folks can build aqueducts to transport water over large distances.

ECO raised over $200,000 last year through Kickstarter as an educational sandbox simulator.


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