Get your first glimpse of Age of Wushu 2


There’s great curiosity and very little actual information concerning the upcoming Age of Wushu 2. Other than a few scraps of information, fans of the sandbox series have been in the dark about what the sequel might contain.

Today we know a little more about this title, in particular how its forests look and function. Age of Wushu 2 will be using the Unreal 4 engine instead of Age of Wushu’s Flexi Engine. From a handful of screenshots released, the foliage certainly looks lush and quite real.

The forests won’t be mere window dressing as players dash to and fro on adventures; they will have important resources that can be utilized, such as plants. A developer blog talked about how plants will be categorized as resource, medicinal, or food, which gives an idea how they will be used to create items and benefit players.

Source: MMO Culture. Thanks ML!

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