Rumor: Stormblood is the name of the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion

Stormy stormy storm-storm.
We’ve got just about a month until Final Fantasy XIV holds its second fan festival in Las Vegas, and players are all eagerly anticipating the revelation. Information on said expansion has not yet been released or leaked, but there’s a strong hint about the next expansion’s name in the form of a trademark filing for the name “Stormblood.”

Obviously, Square-Enix registers plenty of trademarks… but this is a completely new trademark registered at the same time that “Heavensward” was registered prior to the first expansion announcement. It also fits the naming pattern of the prior expansion, and considering that Ala Mhigo is the expected destination of the next expansion, it fits with that city’s veneration of a lightning-focused deity. Check out well-known fan Mr. Happy’s speculation video just below for a bit more examination.

Source: NeoGAF, Twitter, YouTube; thanks to Z050 for the tip!
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