Shards Online adds fishing before it hops to alpha

Are those vegetables? Sure, why not.

What are the most crucial features to have in an MMO before you go into alpha testing? Shards Online already has a lot of mechanics in place, but it was missing that crucial component before proper alpha testing could commence: fishing. Luckily, the final pre-alpha patch has brought fishing to the game, so it’s just about ready to enter the alpha phase as piscine distractions fill the waterways.

The patch also brings with it a shiny new server wipe due to extensive changes made to the game, although since the title is currently in a pre-alpha state that’s not entirely unexpected. Players who want to see all of the changes are invited to take part in a preview weekend starting on September 23rd; all preview keys will be reactivated and mailing list members will be invited, allowing the largest possible portion of people to jump in the game and see where it’s at before it moves into the next phase of testing.


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