Defiance kicks off battle event, increases patron rewards

This will not be fine.

A hotspot has just opened up in the admittedly already battle-ravaged world of Defiance. This week, the team initiated the Neo Votanis Freebooters event, a warfront that is being influenced by all of the new nano abilities that are dropping. The event is scheduled to run through October 10th.

“This is your call to action, Arkhunter,” the team said. “This ain’t just a threat in Monterey; Shrill and the Neo Votanis Front are blasting their way into the New Frontier! Get ready to face these challenging enemies with all new weapons and Synergy!”

The event is being paired with a patron promotion. Players who subscribe to Defiance will be getting extra jackpot rolls and increased chances of scoring a jackpot during play. Karma is built by participating in events and purchasing lockboxes, and is spent when a jackpot happens. Jackpots can be scored by looting containers, mobs, and store lockboxes.

Source: Event, patron rewards