Diablo III gets a special Chinese Mahjong set for the series anniversary

You know, it can really be your jong.

Are you a big fan of Diablo III and mahjong both? Can you scarcely bear to be playing one without the other close at hand? Good news, then, as Blizzard’s Chinese publishing partner NetEase has unveiled a special Diablo III-themed mahjong set to be released as a celebration of the franchise’s history. The whole set features a distinct color scheme, a custom-made box, artwork, and even a miniature Worldstone.

The bad news is that the set will cost you about $240 based on exchange rates, and that’s before factoring in the hassle of importing the set. Still, it’s a heck of a conversation piece. No word on whether or not American collectors will get something similar this year, although if so, we’ll likely find out during BlizzCon in November.

Source: MMO Culture

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