Final Fantasy XIV previews the end of Alexander and the second Warring Triad battle

The story of the journey through Alexander in Final Fantasy XIV has involved a fair amount of mucking about with time, but it’s time for it to end. Patch 3.4 will contain the last portion of the story in Alexander: The Creator, the third and conclusive trip through the mysterious behemoth in search of its Illuminati malefactors. Needless to say, there’s a brief preview of the dungeon on the official site.

There’s also a glimpse at the battle against Sophia, the Goddess, second member of the Warring Triad at the heart of Azys Lla. After fifty centuries of imprisonment, the worship she once enjoyed among a culture in Meracydia has faded, but her wrath at containment and her desire for revenge hasn’t calmed one whit. You can also catch a mess of new screenshots just below, including previews of the Squadron system and new gear available from some of the patch content.


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