H1Z1: King of the Kill dumps Daybreak cash for new currency


The PvP half of the H1Z1 split, King of the Kill, has done away with Daybreak Cash as of its update yesterday. Players will no longer be able to use the company-wide currency for any purchases within King of the Kill; however, the PvE version Just Survive will continue to utilize Daybreak Cash. For a limited time, players can convert any amount of owned Daybreak Cash into KotK’s new currency, crowns, at a 1:1 ratio. This conversion is available only until December 31st. Once converted, crowns cannot be reverted back into Daybreak Cash for use in other games.

Other changes with this KotK  update include the the removal of keys to open locked crates. Instead, the new crowns will be used to open crates. Crowns can also purchase unlocked crates. Any keys players had before have been converted to standard unlocked predator crates. Additionally, a new scrap mechanic has been introduced that will allow players to break down duplicate skins (as well as other inventory items) into scrap, which can in turn be used to purchase a new item from The Scrapyard. And finally, airdrop tickets have also been removed from PvP, and remaining ones in players’ inventories have been automatically converted to 100 Scrap.

King of the Kill was originally slated to launch yesterday, but has opted to remain in early access longer.

Source: H1Z1 official site; thanks to enamelizer and BabaGra.PL for the tip!

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