Heroes of the Storm goes full StarCraft with Machines of War


These days, it might feel as if Blizzard is all about one very specific game that involves worlds, wars, and angry things on fire. But Heroes of the Storm is going in a very different direction with the release of Machines of War, offering two new StarCraft-themed maps, new StarCraft-themed skins, and the new Protoss hero Alarak. Also Zarya, who’s from Overwatch rather than StarCraft, but she fits in with the aesthetic pretty well.

Players can look forward to taking part in the Braxis Holdout map, with both sides attempting to support Zerg camps that aren’t particularly friendly to anyone but are hopefully less friendly to the opposing team. Or they can just take on Warhead Junction and look forward to peppering their enemies with (detectable) nuclear launches. There’s also an in-game event to collect pieces of a Xel’naga artifact on a daily basis. Check out the trailer for the update just below.