Elder Scrolls Online has begun testing its new lockboxes


What will Elder Scrolls Online be like when lockboxes come to town? Players have a chance to get an advance look at this future, as crown crates full of cosmetic items are now available for purchase on the public test server. The PTS is also taking the New Life Festival for a spin.

“These crates contain a randomized selection of useful consumables, and offer a chance to obtain rare and unique cosmetic items or mounts,” the studio posted. “In the event you receive a mount, pet, costume, or personality that you already own, you’ll be awarded crown gems in its place.”

The lockboxes will be coming to the live servers later this year. Want to get a look inside these crown crates without spending your money? One YouTuber, Shawn Brunelle, took the hit so you don’t have to and recorded the results. Check it out below!

Source: Patch notes, YouTube. Thanks BabaGra.PL!
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