How voxel tech is powering sci-fi sandbox Dual Universe


Dual Universe has a fresh dev diary out this week on how it’s employing voxel technology for its builder-centric space sandbox.

“The idea of voxel is not new,” Novaquark’s Jean-Christophe Baillie says. “You’ve seen it in other games over the years, starting with MineCraft. But we wanted to go beyond the cube-like aspect. We wanted to let people be able to carve out literally the world the way they want, to sculpt the world, and to make it more realistic.” The voxel tech allows the team to scale and display everything from huge planets to small player-built space stations.

Dual Universe’s Kickstarter currently sits at almost 70% of its $557,724 US goal with 19 days left to go and over 5000 backers. The alpha is expected by summer 2017, with beta to follow in the first half of 2018¬†and the launch before 2019.

The voxel tech pre-alpha video is included below.

Source: YouTube

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