TERA plans non-cash shop prehistoric dragons, launches The Guilded Age

Always dragons.
The new prehistoric dragon mounts of TERA are decidedly draconic, indisputably iconic, likely quite laconic, and sending players into understandable histrionics. After all, when you get such cool dragons added into the game, no one likes seeing that the stat-based version of said dragons can’t be earned within the game itself… nor does anyone like seeing the “Ruler of Dragons” skill fail to work properly with the game’s existing dragons.

An update from the developers confirms that both of these issues are being addressed. The latter is simply a bug that needs to be fixed, while the former is something that the developers are working to plan out in a way that’s fair and viable. There’s no ETA, but the news alone may provide players with some much-needed hope for the future.

Meanwhile, the cash shop version of the dragons have gone live today with the launch of TERA’s Guilded Age patch.

“Available now, The Guilded Age update focuses on adding new features for guilds, including a progression system complete with a full complement of guild-wide skills to unlock. Players can put their guild skills to use in a brand new weekly event that pits guilds against each other in battle for control over the capital city of Velika. The update also debuts new flying dragon mounts, available immediately from the TERA Store.

“Guilds interested in demonstrating their combat prowess can participate in the new weekly guild battle, Civil Unrest: Velika. In preparation for the event, guilds construct their own guild tower within a designated zone surrounding the capital city of Velika. During the event, which occurs weekly on Saturdays at 7PM PT, guilds will face­-off in all-out battle, aiming to destroy the towers of other guilds while protecting their own. The guild with the last tower standing when time runs out will be crowned the victor, earning their guild a jackpot of taxes collected from all merchant NPC transactions over the previous week.

“En Masse is also teasing an overhaul for TERA’s most iconic classes, starting with the sorcerer class as part of the upcoming ‘Spellbound’ update later this year. This will mark the first in a series of class revamps to continue through 2017.

In conjunction with the release, there’s a new free Steam DLC package for newbies on Steam until November. According to En Masse, “It includes a permanent green hood accessory, a 7-day Zephyr flying mount, a 7-day Dragonette pet that gathers loot automatically, a 7-day 100% XP Boost, and more!”

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