The Division’s test server goes live today for PC players

Try try try.

Ready to try the next update to The Division before it goes live? The game’s test server is going live today for PC players, albeit in limited form; the next four days will just be a small-scale test with specific test players before the server goes live for everyone on September 26th. A posting on the game’s official forums explains what the test server is and runs through everything that players who aren’t familiar with other test servers can expect.

If you’re wondering why the server is only available to PC players, the official posting does explain that. Essentially, all console updates have to go through a certification process to make sure the update won’t accidentally brick your machine; for a test server update, which is frequently buggy and unstable, it would make testing so slow as to be worthless. Check out all of the details, familiarize yourself with the schedule, and get ready to test the next update so you can be done with the content before it’s even live.

Source: Official Site, Reddit; thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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