En Masse relaunches Alliance of Valiant Arms


Have you ever heard of Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)? It is a team-based FPS title that’s been on the market in various regions since 2007. Up until this summer, Aeria Games had been handling the operation of the game in the west. However, this past July saw the transfer of the title from Aeria to En Masse Entertainment.

Yesterday marked the relaunch of AVA under En Masse’s benevolent rule. The studio said that its “grand opening” means more than just turning on the light switch, as the team prepped a launch day patch with several new features.

“Our grand opening update is packed with additions and improvements, including graphical and UI updates, a new snipers-only map, and the release of Fortune Stars Season 7,” said En Masse.

You can watch Alliance of Valiant Arms’ grand opening update trailer after the break.


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