Perpetuum adds two new mech-class robots in today’s patch


Robots! Yes, an article about robots that is not written by Eliot! We’re talking about Perpetuum Online’s robots, of course. Back in August, Avatar Creations updated the sandbox with a wave of Syndicate robots. A second wave is due out in a patch arriving today, according to a new dev piece out this week.

“This time we’re introducing two mech-class robots: the Echelon, a combat mech, and the Daidalos, a mech-class transport,” says the studio.

The patch will also include a number of balancing tweaks for the Tyrannos, Vektor, and Locust.

Echelon – Class: Mech specialized in firearms. The big brother of the Locust in every way, employing the same self-adjusting armor plating technology and stabilized machine guns. Syndicate generals usually like to put the Echelon where it belongs: to the forefront of intense battles.

Daidalos – Class: Mech specialized in transportation. We call it ‘the hauler with a punch’. The Daidalos is a curious experiment in our efforts aimed to create a versatile transport robot that’s more than just a sitting duck when ambushed. Capacity-wise it fits right between the assault and heavy mech class transports, and while it’s not as tough as the Lithus, when aided by a few combat escorts it is more than capable of helping out with some damage-dealing on its own.”

Source: Official site. Thanks, Kronick and bitwiseguy!