RIFT players finally turn the tables with planar assaults

One of the defining features of RIFT is its titular invasions. Since the game’s launch in 2010, creatures from the elemental planes have been ripping holes in the fabric of reality in order to establish footholds on Telara. While players have kept them from overrunning the planet, it’s been a purely defensive battle up to this point.

This is all due to change in Starfall Prophecy, thanks to the new planar assault feature. As the name suggests, players will take the fight to the planes themselves.

“Planar assault adventures are a new type of instant adventure available to those who have access to Starfall Prophecy,” Trion Worlds said. “Once you queue up for these trials, you’ll travel from Telara to the very planes themselves!”

Planar assault adventures will be more than day trips to the enemy’s backyard. Players who fight in these can win all sorts of rewards, including minions and dimension items exclusive to these realms.

Source: RIFT