Skyforge’s new equipment system means less bag management and fewer extra resources

Oh, good, more managing!

If you’re one of the few people who really enjoy messing around with bag space, Skyforge‘s revamped equipment system will strike you as a notable downgrade. For everyone else, it’s meant as an upgrade. It’s a pretty drastic shift for the game, however, with a change in how many equipment slots are available to a change in the basics of how equipment works. No longer will equipment directly affect your stats; instead, it’ll have different secondary effects so that everything other than weapons should be relevant for every class instead of just a few.

Other equipment will all boost two stats out of a possible four (health, damage, critical, and impulse damage), so while certain items may be more useful for specific roles, there’s always some advantage to having something on. Equipment upgrading has also been changed drastically, replaced with the Cathedral building that directly affects Might rather than individual items. It’s going to take some time for players familiar with the extant system to adjust, so you may want to read carefully about what will happen to your existing equipment and inventory when the next patch goes live.

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