Star Citizen as the ‘unwieldy, ever-changing dream project’


Kotaku has a long piece on Star Citizen out today, cobbled together over months of discussions with Star Citizen developers, anonymous and not. Julian Benson’s Inside the Troubled Development of Star Citizen article outlines the challenges of Kickstarter, feature creep, multiple studios, contract labor, crunch, engine issues, restructuring, micromanagement… all unfortunately pretty standard for a company that big with so much money. The title might strike you as clickbait, but the article is pretty far from that, as even the Star Citizen Reddit is generally positive about it.

“[O]ver the course of the year we found that many of the people who had worked on Star Citizen were willing to talk about their experiences, which painted a picture of a development process riven by technical challenges, unrealistic expectations and internal strife,” Benson writes. “But despite everything, most of the staff we talked to still passionately believe in this unwieldy, ever-changing dream project.”

Meanwhile, with three weeks to go until CitizenCon, Cloud Imperium released its latest Around the Verse episode, complete with a studio update from the Frankfurt team and a behind-the-scenes look at vision stabilization for the game’s shooter-esque gameplay. You can watch that below.

Source: Kotaku, official site, Imperial News Network. Thanks, Cotic and MMONERD!

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