Ultima Online turns 19 years old this weekend, grants cash shop currency to veteran players


Nineteen years ago this weekend, Ultima Online launched into the world, a creaky sandbox that even its own developers did not fully realize would take off in popularity and spawn the term “MMORPG” and the generations of games to follow.

As a special treat for veteran players, Broadsword has announced that it’s granting 500 Sovereigns — that’s the new cash shop currency created for use in-game earlier this year — to all active accounts over 10 years old.

“We are working hard on getting Publish 95 out the door by mid-November,” Producer Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong tells players. “In the next publish we have a nice Holiday crafting event that I am sure everyone will enjoy. We’ve added new creatures to the Huntmaster’s Challenge and have some nice Holiday gifts and of course new Veteran Rewards. We are adding a new mount so we hope you like creepy crawly things.” The usual round of Halloween events will kick off in October, and next year’s updates will include the much-requested pet revamp.

If you’re feeling nostalgia or just want to check out one of the very first MMORPGs ever, there is a two-week free trial.