World of Warcraft brings players up to speed on artifact weapons


As we’re now almost a month in World of Warcraft: Legion, it stands to reason that the artifact weapon system is an old hat to many top-level players. However, there’s always the real possibility that players who are just now getting started in the game or are leveling up into the expansion might be confused about the new system.

Enter a new developer blog that helps sum up what artifact weapons are, how you will obtain them, and how you can grow them over time. Sure, it’s the basics, but it’s always important to bring everyone up to speed of major changes to the game when they happen.

The studio also said that leveling up artifacts on alts should proceed more quickly than on your main: “One ‘hidden’ feature of the artifact system is that the rate at which your artifact knowledge work orders complete speeds up over time. The system keeps track of the time that it’s been since the release of the expansion, and how long it takes to process artifact knowledge work orders and gain artifact knowledge will reduce as time goes on.”


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