Marvel Heroes’ newest board member admits he’s a F2P whale


There are two things you need to know about the newest member of Gazillion’s board of directors. Mark Rubin is an avid MMORPG player (he cites both Marvel Heroes and Star Wars: The Old Republic as his go-to titles), and he considers himself a “whale” in his spending habits.

In a new interview with Venture Beat, Rubin discusses how he spends money on MMOs and the differences between the whale (i.e., big spenders in free-to-play games) culture in the west and the east. For his part, he thinks that he has dropped between $1,000 and $1,500 on Marvel Heroes prior to coming on board with Gazillion.

“You have to think about the way a whale thinks about what they’re doing,” Rubin said. “The thing with free-to-play is it’s often incremental. They don’t think about it. I don’t think about going into a free-to-play game and spending a lot of money. I just do small transactions here or there. It’s one of those things where — give me content, obviously.”

Source: Venture Beat

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