Bloodline Champions spinoff Battlerite hits Steam early access


Earlier this year, Bloodline Champions’ original developer, Stunlock Studios, announced a spiritual successor: Battlerite. That MOBA has now gone live on Steam’s early access program, with a Q1 2017 official launch planned. Like Bloodline Champions, which was at one point published by Funcom, Battlerite is a top-down MOBA — sorry, “PvP team arena brawler.” Unlike Bloodline Champions, however, Battlerite isn’t free-to-play: It’s currently on sale for $17.99 US.

Stunlock says October’s patch will introduce new champions, balance tweaks to existing chams, new wearables, and an arena variant, with “extended champion progression” and a revamped ranking system on the way following that. Log in before tomorrow and the devs say you’ll get a freebie gold chest. The trailers are below!

Source: Steam via RPS

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