Grim Dawn delivers a sneak peek of its first expansion


A bonafide expansion is in the works for the multiplayer ARPG Grim Dawn, although a name and time frame have yet to be revealed. What was shown, however, is a look at two of the new mobs coming with the expansion: the reanimated Aetherial Imps and the armored Ugdenbog Spikeshells.

“Beyond new areas to explore and items to find, new threats will arise for you to tackle,” the team teased. “And the Aetherials have not been idle while you dealt with the vile Cult of Ch’thon. Far from where human eyes can see, their flesh shapers have been busily crafting new soldiers for their conquest of Cairn.”

Haven’t played Grim Dawn yet? The game is currently half-off on for $12.50. Grim Dawn players should beware: If they keep receiving such good news, the game might get retitled as (wait for it) Grin Dawn. Sorry, we’ll show ourselves out.

Source: Grim Dawn

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