Why Undead Labs abandoned the State of Decay MMO


For a good while, the MMO community was following Undead Labs in the hopes of seeing its Class4 project come to fruition in the form of a zombie MMORPG. However, this past summer, we learned that Undead Labs decided to make State of Decay 2 as a four-player co-op experience instead, officially dashing these hopes.

Recently on Twitch, Undead Labs President Jeff Strain explained why the studio abandoned its plans for massively multiplayer game, saying its fans were “relieved” that the team went a different route for the sequel:

This is not Class4, this is State of Decay 2 There’s a big difference. You know, Class4 was something that we wanted to do probably in Summer 2009. The initial plan was to build a smaller game with Class3, that game became State of Decay, and then from there take it into a large scale online world experience with Class4.

When we started development on State of Decay 2, that was still a plan that was in our mind, but again that’s not what State of Decay fans were asking for. Very few people were saying ‘Gee, I hope State of Decay 2 is kind of an online MMO type experience.’ The thing that people were actually asking for was cooperative multiplayer.

Source: WCCFtech
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