Wild Terra adds cooking skill, Steam keys for early backers


What use is a sandbox without cooking and food? Jutvy Worlds apparently agrees, as it’s adding a cooking skill to indie sandbox Wild Terra “soon.” The skill will

“affect the ability to cook high level food, alcohol, and its quality. Will be added spices that are used in difficult recipes. Food cooked with their use, will be much more effective to satisfy the hunger. Will also be added a large number of new products, recipes, tools and machines for cooking: the beehive, wine press, culinary table, all kinds of dishes, cakes, sausages and more. Meat of all predators will be merged into a single kind, and its quality is lower than the meat of herbivores.”

Meanwhile, the studio announced that it’s begun to roll out Steam keys for players who purchased an early access pack before the game landed on Steam. Owners of the Duke kit should already be invited; Earls should get their keys in October or November, followed by other kit owners in December when Wild Terra moves from early access to formal launch. Players who want access sooner can take advantage of a 20% discount to upgrade ahead of lunch. I mean, launch. Sorry¬†— we’re still dreaming of virtual cake.